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East Ashfield Township History Book



Finally, the wait is over.   We are recording and updating the East Ashfield (County of Huron) family histories and stories.

We are looking for volunteers dedicated to preserving the “family jewels” for posterity. The first committee meeting is

October 16, at 2:00 P.M. at the Trinity Church, (Con.10/11) Belfast Road in East Ashfield.

Both experienced and novice researchers alike will be very welcomed and a great asset to the project.

As well as recording more recent history (50 years), all efforts will be made to update and correct the previous publications,

Bush Trails and Frontier Ways.

For more information you are asked to contact Marian Zinn at 519-528-3710, Bell Hackett at 519-528-2865 or

Debbie Bauer 519-529-7820 or email at




East Ashfield Township History Book


Help! We are seeking volunteers for East Ashfield Township History Book. This committee will be updating as well as
making necessary corrections to the prior publications, Bush Trails and Frontier Ways. Help us spread the word for
volunteers and information.

For specific historical and family history inquiries you are asked to contact Marion Zinn at 519-528-3710.

This committee will also be seeking family histories and updates to histories of all those having lived in East Ashfield.


In future we hope to also post, here on the website, photos needing identification. Please check back often.


For more information you may contact:

Marion Zinn 519-528-3710

Bell Hackett 519-528-2865

Debbie Bauer 519-529-7820 or email at



We need your Help!


Please help identify these two women. On the back of the photo is written (as ownership more so than as identification)

Mrs. Myrtle Goodrick – 103 Waterloo St. Goderich. Myrtle was born 1920 died 1992 at 72 years of age.

 Myrtle (Foster) Goodrick was married to Glen Goodrick who died in 1972.  It is possible she is one of the

 two women but in order to use it, we need verification as well as the second woman identified.







ANDERSON              David               L 9&10            C 13

Other names in connection with David Anderson are:


Mary Charles


ARMSTRONG                                  L 4                   C 11 or 12


ARMSTRONG                                  L 3                   C 7

Given names in connection with Armstrong are:







BAIRD                       James              L 8 (W half)     C 14    (we know they were here in1874)


m. 1) Martha Wilson

m  2) Ann Smart

Children from one or both of these marriages were:










BALDWIN                 William L 3                   C 10

m. Jane Vent


BARCLAY                 David               L 6                   C 3      (they are shown on the 1861 census)

Alt. Spelling BARKLEY

Other given names include:





BARGER                   John                 L 1                   C 8      (arrived in Ashfield in 1919)


BEATON                    Malcolm           L 8 (E half)       C 14

m. Annie Agnew           (purchased this lot in 1903 and ran a dairy farm until 1919 when they moved to the Seaforth area)

Other given names in connection:


SMALE – John & William  Lot 3, Con. 1


SAVAGE – James mentioned in 1876 Directory at W 1/2 Lot 5 (or 9) Con. 6


SPEERS – Joseph married Martha Irwin  Lot 6, Con. 11


CAMPBELL – John (son Dynes)   Lot 7 Con. 10


DAVIS – Robert & Ann    Lot 2, Con. 14 (1863 Directory)


GORDON – Jos. & Elizabeth   E1/2  Lot 3, Con. 4


Vroom  – Lot 5, Con. 1  (pg. 206 Bush Trails)


WILSON – Mark married Esther Davison  Lot 6, Con. 7


BEATON – Frontier Ways – pg. 250


CONGRAM  – Kith and Kin (Kinloss history book)




MAIZE – William   (Bush Trails)


LAZENBY  – we have no information
STROUD – we have no information



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