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The Huron Natural Heritage Plan (NHP)


The Huron County countryside supports a variety of land use activities, with agriculture being prominent. Natural areas provide important services that help make Huron County a productive area for farming and a great place to live. Forests prevent soil erosion, wetlands filter our water.

The Huron Natural Heritage Plan (NHP) is a summary of Huron’s current approach to natural environment planning and contains recommendations for updates. A supporting document, known as the Technical Document, defines what features are considered significant ecologically and maps these areas.


The Natural Heritage Plan is a background research document to help make informed decisions when planning for the natural environment into the future. Implementation will occur at the time of a Five Year Review of an Official Plan and Zoning By-law update. A more detailed review and further public consultation under the Planning Act is required before any changes to those documents.

You can download the Huron Natural Heritage Plan (NHP), the Technical Document, and a Frequently Asked Questions page at the link below:

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