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Road Department

Load Restrictions

Half Load Restrictions are in effect Immediately until further notice.

Temporary Road Closures


Construction and Alteration of Entranceways/Accesses to township roads requires the issuance of an access permit and/or permission from the Public Works Superintendent.

Drainage Tile, etc.

All excavations across or under township roads or road allowances must be authorized by the Public Works Superintendent or Lead Hands before such work commences. To view the Drainage Works Policy, please click here.

Fence Repair

Planting of Hedges, Trees and Windbreaks

All coniferous trees, hedges and windbreaks must be situated a minimum of 20 feet from township road allowance property lines.


Property owners laneways will be not be maintained by the township.

Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned vehicles left on township road allowances shall be towed away at the owner’s expense.

Please be advised that the Township of Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh plow operators have the authority to call tow trucks to remove vehicles interfering with Winter Maintenance.

Manure, Rockpiles, Brush and Debris

Manure, rockpiles, brush or debris will not be permitted on the road or road allowance. If not removed within a limited time period, the township will arrange for removal and the property owner involved will be billed for the cost.


Mailboxes are to be installed at least 1 meter off the shoulder of the road. Damage caused by snow coming off of township equipment will be the property owners responsibility. If there is sufficient evidence that the township equipment came in direct contact with the mailbox, the township shall be liable for damages at the discretion of the Public Works Superintendent.

Township Road Allowances

Annual Letter of Request forms must be filled out in order for any work to be carried out by the township.

Please fax, mail or hand deliver copies back. Electronic versions of this form will not be accepted. Letters of Request for annual road maintenance on unassumed roads on a cost recovery basis must be received by April 1st each year.


Drainage of properties are not allowed to outlet onto Road Allowances.

Local Improvements

Unassumed Roads and Private Roads

A by-law may be passed for undertaking a work as a local improvement. The petition for a work shall be signed by at least two thirds in number of the owners, representing at least one half of the value of the lots liable to be specially assessed. Where a petition proposes that certain lots be totally exempted from special assessment, such lot and owner shall be excluded from ascertaining whether the petition is sufficiently signed. Where the council proceeds on the initiative plan, notice of the intention to undertake the work, shall be given by publication of the notice, and serve to the owner of the lots liable to be assessed. Unless within one month after the first publication of the notice, a majority of the owners, representing one-half of value of the lots that are liable to be specially assessed, petition the council not to proceed, the work may be undertaken as a local improvement. The notice is sufficient if it designates by a general description the work to be undertaken and the street where the work is to be done, and number of the installments by which the special assessment is to be payable. Where the ratepayers petition for work to be done, there shall be set out opposite to every signature to the petition, for or against to work, a description of the lot of the owner for identification purposes. The sufficiency of a petition for or against the work, shall be determined by the Clerk, and when so certified is final and conclusive. Where two or more persons are jointly assessed for a lot, in determining the sufficiency of a petition”

  1. they shall be reckoned as one owner only
  2. they shall not be entitled to petition unless a majority of them concur and sign the petition.

All costs associated with the Local Improvements will be as follows:

  1. The municipalities’ share of the cost will be one-third (1/3)
  2. The property owners share of the cost will be two-thirds (2/3)